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There are lots of companies offering web development out there. Some of them are very expensive - do you really want to pay more than needed?
Some are very cheap - but...
do you really want to rely on someone shouting "cheap! cheaper!"? Think of it: you get what you pay for!
There is nothing for free.
Webbuilding costs money, so nothing is for free.

Maybe you do not have the money to outsource your web solutions? You just want your site to be upgraded to fit it into your needs of today? Need some expertise to transfer your ideas into a solid


You want a web presence to promote your business. This will cost you some money and time. Sure, you could go to a company, have your site built and find out it is really expensive.
hire expensive administrators. But - if you are not a very big company with plenty of money and resources - why would you want to do that? This would be a waste of time and money.

For a very reasonable price John can do this work for you. No more headache about technical issues so you can concentrate on your core business: filling your site with content and attracting customers. The technology of serving web content is forever changing, and I am keeping up with all major technological advances as soon as possible.


I am trying to offer well balanced packages with easy administration
at reasonable prices.
I also strongly believe that customers not only need web services but
also friendly and fast support
John Godschalk