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Portal Systems Content Management Systems (CMS)
One of the biggest trends in business is the desire to manage
a company's website internally.
A Content Management System (CMS) is changing the way
companies manage their websites.
I am offering a customizable, powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable
website content management solution that empowers anyone to
take an active role in managing web content and optimizing
their online strategies.
streamlined site management, automated workflow processes
and supported collaboration is what is hot nowadays.

Web Design
Regardless of what business you are in, there are ways you can and should be using the power of the Internet to improve your competitive position. Your company's website and online marketing programs are critical factors for the future of your business, and far too important to address as an afterthought. Your website has to be part of your overall marketing strategy. There are levels of interactivity you can have with your clients that only the Internet can offer. Most company websites offer 'brochureware' and miss the opportunity to enlist interaction with clients and or prospects. The Internet is not just a medium, it's a channel. People are not just viewing websites they are looking to e-mail customer service, check weather, track shipments, research purchases, take training, investigate trends, compare prices, and place orders, etc. Just like a professional web design firm I like
to offer solid ideas to you that will result in your website growing your business in a substantial way.

Database Design
Databases are often separated into Marketing Databases
and Operational Databases. A Marketing Database is used to
manage your prospect information such as

  • sales
  • leads
  • direct marketing targets
  • customer lists
  • rewards program members
  • newsletter subscribers
  • etc.

A proper database keeps track of each prospect and what that prospect is either interested in or has purchased.
This information is used to build relationships with prospects for
cross sales, up sales, reactivations and new acquisitions.
Marketing Databases are easily exported to labels, envelopes or a
print company for such things as direct mail campaigns.
Online Marketing Databases can even introduce automated responses to frequently asked questions, product support or
requests for information. Online databases are used very effectively
as electronic newsletters in campaigns designed to build customer
loyalty or increase sales.

A database can also be operational such as a database-driven
web catalog or a point-of-purchase system.
An operational database is often used to take orders and fulfill them.
It keeps track of inventory and payments and likely accepts
credit card payments.

Whether the database project you have in mind is marketing focused or operational in nature, I have the knowledge, experience, expertise
and creative talent to make this your most effective marketing tactic.

Programming (PHP, mysql databases)
Websites nowadays go beyond simple HTML.
Additional programming is often required to add a level of interactivity that is expected by today's sophisticated online users.

  • Forms
  • shopping carts
  • interactive databases
  • online polls
  • mailing lists
  • e-cards
  • site searching
  • password protection
  • guestbooks
  • message forums
  • newsgroups
  • tell-a-friend scripts
and more are all a part of the online experience.
I am specialized in programming as it relates to the Internet.

This programming includes languages such as PHP and MySQL.
If you have a website and require programming to bring this site to
a new level I can provide unparalleled solutions.
My only interest is your success.
I am maintaining all the skills and talent in-house to efficiently
manage and achieve your programming objectives

Website Marketing
Don't let the technology get in the way of communicating with the
consumer. Simply having a website doesn't guarantee success.
You still have to communicate your message so that you will
be perceived as have tremendous meaning and value to
your web visitors. Marketing is the key!

Unfortunately, website marketing has become reduced
to 'getting hits'. Yes, you need people to find you but
in reality, website marketing is so much more.

  • You need these people to be qualified.
  • You need to make sure your online advertising is consistent
    with your offline strategy.
  • You need to extend your brand campaign and attract your target audience.
  • You need to define success.
  • You need to communicate a compelling offer.
  • You need to minimize gimmickry (because you can't annoy consumers into buying your product).
  • You need to make it easy for your internet visitors to get
    information or take action.
  • You need to support direct sales with enhanced services.
  • You need to upsell.

I can help you achieve maximum performance and sales
from your online presence.
The opportunity exists for your company to implement a strategic
webpresence that will have immediate benefits for your
bottom line and create powerful long-term relationships
with your most desired customers and prospects.

    Adding e-commerce to your website is an excellent use of
    internet technology.
    When first looking at e-commerce you need to determine how you
    plan on accepting payment.

    You need to address the number of products you will have on
    your website and the costs of shipping these items.
    Your site will have to be professional looking, user friendly and
    should allow visitors the ability to search for items as well as
    browse categories of items.

    You will need to source decent images of the products you plan
    on selling online because if buyers are not going to able to see
    the products in person then they will at least expect quality images
    to look at.

    You will need a merchant account with the bank. You will need to make sure you are 'securely' capturing (and storing) customers personal information as well as credit card info. You will need to address the issue of order fulfillment.

    I can help you setup an online shopping cart, integrate
    payment processing, and develop a complete e-commerce solution
    for your company

    Microsoft Office Integration
    The technologies of Microsoft Office added to your website is an
    excellent solution to acces your data using Internet Office Technology.

    Working Online with your databases, worksheets an office templates
    is a trend that is growing rapidly.
    Using your office on the internet as well as mobile gives your
    corporation the ability of full advantage of your business at any time.

    John Godschalk