it has come to the attention that people who are believing in the existence of a god or entity that they are not amused with the existence of this website.

This website opens the discussions where they all stop and indoctrinate into a field of mist.
Knowledge and clarity seems more important than a field of mist.
Therefor this website will continue to post articles that will make people think for themselves.

This website born on the holy winter solstice day 23 December and went live on the 25th.
The Founder called Izkarioth (XII-IV-MIXVIVII) has chosen these dates as website's holy joy.

Izkarioth is betraying all the so called holy books by speaking up, opening up where it hurts.
Comparison of stories with pure logical thinking as a human as well using science.
You could see this as a religious myth buster website.

This websites ends the fairy tales and myths
by digging up where it should stay buried.

If there is an almighty entity?... ask to make a stone bigger than he can lift!
nothing is almighty.

A personal note toward all the butt-hurt kneelers who are feeling insulted by opening up the truth:

'when they cry, the butt is hurt...'

according to the spokesman of this religious myth buster's website who said;

'gee that's too bad'