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An Universal Satanist

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An universal satanist is an open minded person who subscribes to all satanic knowledge from different sectors of satanism or paganism as long as it adds potential value to his or her life.

An universal satanist always finds something to learn from all forms of satanism either the pioneers believe in Satan as an allergorical force of nature or actual being.

An universal satanist has no time to argue and discredit the different beliefs of other Satanists, but he or she has all the time to learn and apply the satanic teachings that means the most at that particular moment in time.

An universal Satanist is open to learn from the wisdom of theistic satanism, Illuminati satanism, marine satanism, Luciferianism, Laveyan Satanism and any satanic group that has knowledge of self betterment and worthy making the world a conscious realm.

An universal satanist doesn't learn for the purpose of debating others, but he or she learns for the purpose of uniting and liberating all.


This website's goal is to inform and gather information on the subject satanism. Anyone who feels related or might be interested is invited to join this website.