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MIDI Tracker
Tracks, Channels, MIDI channels

Every channel may contain a single or a multiple tracks.

All tracks inside the same channel have the same properties:
- Volume (0..127)
- Transpose (-36..+36)
- d/a releases (if set "note off" event will not be send)
- MIDI Channel (the real MIDI channel where events will be sending)

The channels points to MIDI channels. MIDI channel has the following properties:
- Patch
- Panning
- Volume
- Modulation
- Expression
- Sus.pedal
- Reverb, chorus (depends on MIDI device)
- Filter cut, Filter res (depends on MIDI device)

Patterns can be variable length and the same number (and types) of channels and tracks.

Song order
Patterns order it's a 2 dimensional grid where you say 'play that channel from that pattern in that time'.

Hot keys
Most of hot keys described in menu. Here is description of the other keys:

note: keys z../; q..] (32 note per PC keyboard)
Caps lock: Insert 'hide note' event (both for patterns and for orders)
'+', '-' (numeric keypad): Next/Previous pattern
'/', '*' (numeric keypad): Next/Previous patch
F1..F8: Select octave
Shift + note: Play chord using current key. For example, if key is Gmaj, note D
will play major chord, if key is Amin, D will be minor.

If edit enabled, it will be inserted into current channel.


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