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Astrology through Dice, Cards and Dominoes

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Astrology through Dice

The Meanings of the Dice
ONE Family difficulties are coming.
TWO Look closely at situations, things may not be quite what they seem.
THREE Expect pleasant surprises in the very near future. Your circumstances will change without warning and very soon.
FOUR A setback or some unpleasantness will disappoint you. Expect arguments or a disagreement. An unpleasant surprise.
FIVE A stranger or a surprise brings you happiness. Plans come to fruition. Unexpected information or assistance. A new friendship.
SIX Misfortune and loss. A friend may ask a favour of you.
SEVEN You become the victim of gossip or scandal. Possible difficulties in business or money trouble. You will be presented with a difficult matter to solve. A new romance.
EIGHT Take it slow. Do not act in haste or you may regret it. Recklessness may lead to difficulty or distress. A gift of clothing will be received.
NINE Success in love and reconciliations. A marriage or union with implications for you. A gambling win.
TEN This is a time of birth and new beginnings. Success is about to come your way in career and money matters. A legal action will involve you.
ELEVEN Short-term illness gives you some grief. A parting causes you sorrow. A trip for entertainment. A death may concern you.
TWELVE A message of importance will soon arrive, but seek advice if you are dealing with legal documents. A large sum of money to be received.
THIRTEEN A period of unhappiness. Disappointment or misery if you pursue current situation. Do not give in to self-pity or it will cause more problems.
FOURTEEN New friends bring excitement into your life. You will receive unexpected assistance from someone close. A new love or admirer.
FIFTEEN Follow your intuition about false friends. Do not be drawn into trouble by others. Begin no new projects for a few days.
SIXTEEN A short trip turns out to be both fun and profitable.
SEVENTEEN A change in plans may soon be necessary. Other people may have good advice to give, even strangers. Dealings with a person or persons from afar. Dealings with or on water.

Astrology through Regular Playing Cards

The Meanings of the Cards
Ace: The home, love, friendship, joy the start of a romance. A love letter.
Two: Success and prosperity. An engagement or partnership.
Three: You need to be cautious. Don't say something you'll regret.
Four: A change, a journey or a move of house/business. A late marriage.
Five: Jealous people around you. Take your time to make any decisions.
Six: Unexpected good luck. Someone helping you out.
Seven: An unfaithful or unreliable person. Broken promises.
Eight: Visits and visitors. Invitations out or attending a party.
Nine: The wish card. Dreams come true.
Ten: Good luck and happiness.
Jack: A close friend or a good-natured, fair-haired youth.
Queen: A kindly fair-haired woman.
King: A good-natured, fair-haired man.

Good advice.

Ace: A ring or present of jewellery. News about money. A letter.
Two: A love affair attracting disapproval from others. A business partnership.
Three: Legal problems, domestic arguments. A legal letter.
Four: An inheritance. Improvements in finances.
Five: Success in business. Happy family.
Six: Problems in a second marriage.
Seven: Surprise news or a gift. Problems and losses at work.
Eight: A marriage and travel late in life. Financial ups and downs.
Nine: Surprise with money. New business opportunities. Restlessness.
Ten: Money and travel highlighted. Fortunate changes.
Jack: A relative. A very fair-haired youth. Watch out for dishonesty or unreliability.
Queen: A woman who loves to party and to gossip. A flirt. A very fair-haired woman.
King: A stubborn and influential man.

A very fair-haired man. 

Ace: Wealth, health, love and happiness. A letter concerning money.
Two: Gossip. Disappointments and opposition.
Three: Marriage to a wealthy partner. Money coming from the partner.
Four: Changes for the worse. Lies and betrayal.
Five: New friends and a successful marriage. Help from friends.
Six: Business success. Getting financial help.
Seven: Prosperity and success. Be careful of trouble coming from a person of the opposite sex.
Eight: Trouble in relationships, business and personal. Jealousy and greed.
Nine: Achievements. A new lover or admirer. Don't be stubborn.
Ten: Unexpected money coming in. Good luck. Travel abroad.
Jack: A reliable friend. A dark-haired youth.
Queen: An attractive, self-confident woman. A dark-haired woman.
King: An honest, generous and affectionate man.

A dark-haired man.

Ace: Emotional conflict, obsession, death. Things coming to a head.
Two: Separation, gossip and deceit. Difficult changes.
Three: Unfaithfulness and partings. Be wary in partnerships.
Four: Illness. Business and money worries. Broken promises.
Five: Happy home but interference from other people. Reversals and opposition but eventual success.
Six: Small improvements.
Seven: Loss of friendship or loss of a friend. An unexpected burden. A warning against losses and sorrow.
Eight: Trouble and disappointment. Plans go awry. Friends let you down. Cancellations.
Nine: Bad luck in all things. Depression and low energy. Destruction, deaths. Extreme anxiety.
Ten: Misfortune and worry. Imprisonment. Unwelcome news.
Jack: A well-meaning but immature and unreliable youth. A very dark-haired youth.
Queen: A widow. An unscrupulous woman. A very dark-haired woman.
King: An ambitious and authoritative man. A very dark-haired man.
Joker: (optional) New developments, fresh starts, taking a risk.

You can also experiment with adding your own meanings to the cards. This is perfectly acceptable. Experience will show you new meanings along the way. The key to successful divination is to believe in your own meanings and remain consistent.

Astrology through Dominoes

The Meanings of the Dominoes
Six - Six This is the most fortunate domino in the set. This domino promises success and happiness in every area of your life.
Six - Five help coming from a close friend or acquaintance, however you will still need patience and perseverance to succeed. A kind action will bring you great regard.
Six - Four All the signs point to an argument, perhaps even a lawsuit, with an unsuccessful outcome.
Six - Three You are going to travel, or a journey will affect your life. A holiday will be happy, and a journey may bring a gift.
Six - Two Excellent luck is coming your way and your situation will improve. But this domino is only lucky if you remain honest.
Six - One There will be an end to your problems. A good friend will help you overcome your problems. A wedding is foretold.
Six - Blank Be careful of false friends or a deceitful person. Gossip could cause you some unhappiness.

Five - Five Changes are coming your way which will bring success. A move to a new place is possible where you will be happy, or there will be the chance for you to make money from a new idea.
Five - Four Profits and unexpected good fortune in financial matters, but don't take any big risks - it is not a good time for speculation.
Five - Three This domino indicates that you will get some good news or helpful advice from a visitor or from your boss.
Five - Two A patient and tolerant friend will have an influence on your life. A birth is indicated.
Five - One You will soon meet a new love interest or a new friend. But tread carefully or else things may end unhappily for those in love. Five - Blank There will be some sadness and you will have to give comfort to a friend in trouble. Be very careful about what you choose to say.

Four - Four This domino points to happiness, joy and relaxation. There may be a party in a big building.
Four - Three Although you expect to encounter problems and disappointments, instead you find happiness and success.
Four - Two A change for the worse is indicated - setbacks, losses or maybe even a robbery. Someone you know is deceitful - be careful!
Four - One Financial problems lie ahead - pay any outstanding debts now to avoid trouble in the future.
Four - Blank Bad news is on its way. A love affair may turn out to be disappointing, or something you want could be postponed. Do your best to reconcile an argument.

Three - Three This domino predicts troubles in your emotional life - jealousy or distress. But money is well favoured.
Three - Two Fortunate changes are coming your way but you still need to be cautious just now in your financial affairs.
Three - One The answer to the question in your mind is 'no'. Some useful but surprising news is on its way. Outsiders may cause unhappiness for you.
Three - Blank This domino is not a good omen, and you could experience unexpected problems both at home and at work.

Two - Two You will get what you want. Business success and personal happiness are predicted, but enemies might try to spoil it for you.
Two - One Financial problems and maybe a loss of money or property are indicated, but this domino is good for social life and old friends.
Two - Blank You will travel and meet new friends. But someone could cause difficulties for you.

One - One Harmony and affection are predicted, and a stranger could be involved. Don't postpone making an important decision.
One - Blank A stranger or outsider will bring some interesting news that could mean financial gain, but don't be too trusting. Blank - Blank This is the unluckiest domino in the set.

The double blank will have a negative effect on all your activities. Wait until you get over your present difficulties before embarking on something new.

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