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The Elements, The Planets and Astrology

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the Fire is hot and dry,
the Earth dry and cold,
the Water cold and moist,
The air is moist and hot.

Notus from the South,
Boreas from the North,
Zephyrus from the West,
Eurus from the East,

Stones they especially are called earthy that are dark, and more heavy.

Those are waterish, which are transparent, and are compacted of water, as Crystal, Beryll, and Pearls in the shells of Fishes.

They are called airy, which swim upon the Water, and are sponges, as the Stones of a Sponge, the pumice Stone, and the Stone Sophus.

They are called fiery, out of which fire is extracted, or which are resolved into Fire, or which are produced of Fire: as Thunderbolts, Fire-stones, and the Stone asbestos.

Metals, Lead, and Silver are earthy;
Quicksilver is waterish:
Copper, and Tin are airy:
Gold, and Iron are fiery.

Animals also, some are in comparison of others earthy, and dwell in the bowels of the Earth, as Worms and Moles, and many other small creeping Vermine; others are watery, as Fishes;
others airy, which cannot live out of the Aire:
others also are fiery, living in the Fire, as Salamanders, and Crickets,

Bones resemble the Earth,
Flesh the Aire, vital spirit the Fire, humors the Water.

yellow the color of Aire blood the color of Fire
phlegm the color of Water, black or melancholy is the color of Earth.

Soul itself resembles Fire,
the Aire,
imagination the Water,
the senses the Earth.

sight is fiery,
the hearing is airy,
The smell, and taste resemble the Water,
the feeling is wholly earthy, and taketh gross bodies for its object.

The Earth signifies a slow, and firm motion;
The water signifies fearfulness, and sluggishness, and remisseness in working: Aire signifies cheerfulness cheerfulness, and an amiable disposition: Fire a fierce, quick and angry disposition.

as Mars, and Sol; airy, as Jupiter, and Venus: watery, as Saturn, and Mercury: and earthy, such as inhabit the eighth Orbe, and the Moon

Aries possesseth the beginning of Fire, Leo the progress, and increase, and Sagittarius the end.

Taurus the beginning of the Earth, Virgo the progress, Capricorn the end.

Gemini the beginning of the Aire, Libra the progress, Aquarius the end.

Cancer the beginning of Water, Scorpio the middle, and Pisces the end.

Rivers, fiery
Phlegethon, airy Cocytus, watery Styx, earthy Acheron.

the Psalmist they are called Waters,
their subtle breath is Aire, and their love is shining Fire.
fiery, as Seraphim, and authorities, and powers; earthy as Cherubim;
watery as Thrones, and Archangels: airy as Dominions, and Principalities.

the right nostril to Mars, the left to Venus, the right eye to the Sun, the left to the Moon, and the mouth to Mercury.

Aries governs the head, and face, Taurus the neck, Gemini the armes, and shoulders, Cancer the breast, lungs, stomach, and armes, Leo heart, stomach, liver, and back, Virgo the bowels, and bottom of the stomach, Libra the kidneys, thighs, and buttocks, Scorpio the genitals, the privities, and womb, Sagittarius the thigh, and groins, Capricornus the knees, Aquarius the legs and shins, Pisces the feet.

Now it is very hard to know what Star, or Sign everything is under: yet it is known through the imitation of their rayes, or motion, or figure of the superiours. Also some of them are known by their colours and odours, also some by the effects of their operations, answering to some Stars.

So then Solary things, or things under the power of the Sun are, amongst Elements, the lucid flame; in the humours, the purer blood, and spirit of life; amongst tastes, that which is quick, mixed with sweetness. Amongst Metals, Gold by reason of its splendor, and its receiving that from the Sun which makes it cordiall.

And amongst stones, they which resemble the rayes of the Sun by their golden sparklings, as doth the glittering stone Aetites which hath power against the Falling-sickness, and poisons: so also the stone, which is called the eye of the Sun, being of a figure like to the Apple of the eye, from the middle whereof shines forth a ray, it comforts the
brain, and strengthens the sight; So the Carbuncle which shines by night, hath a virtue against all airey, and vaporous poison: so the Chrysolite stone is of a light green colour, in which, when it is held against the Sun, there shines forth a golden Star; and this comforts those parts that serve for breathing, and helps those that be Asthmatically, and if it be bored through, and the hole filled with the Mane of an Asse, and bound to the left arm, it drives away idle imaginations, and melancholy fears, and puts away foolishness: So the stone called Iris, which is like Crystal in colour, being often found with six corners, when under some roof part of it is held against the rayes of the Sun, and the other part is held in the shadow, it gathers the rayes of the Sun into it self, which, whilst it sends them forth, by way of reflection, makes a rainbow appear on the opposite wall. Also the Stone heliotrope green like the Jasper, or emerald, beset with red
specks bloodstone, makes a man constant, renowned, and famous, also it conduceth to long life: And the vertue of it indeed is most wonderful upon the beams of the Sun, which it is said to turn into blood to appear of the colour of blood, as if the Sun were eclipsed. When it is joyned to the juice of a herb of the same name, and be put into a vessell of Water: There is also another vertue of it more wonderful, and that is upon the eyes of men, whose sight it doth so dim, and dazzle, that it doth not suffer him that carries it to see it, and this it doth not do without the help of the herb of the same name, which also is called heliotrope, following the Sun.

These vertues doth Albertus Magnus, and William of Paris confirm in their writings. The Hyacinth also hath a vertue from the Sun against poisons, and pestiferous vapours; it makes him that carries it to be safe, and acceptable; it conduceth also to riches, and wit, it strengthens the heart; being held in the mouth, it doth wonderfuly cheer up the mind. Also there is the stone Pyrophylus, of a red mixture, which Albertus Magnus saith ∆sculapius, makes mention of in one of his Epistles unto Octavius Augustus, saying, that there is a certain poison so wonderful cold, which preserves the heart of man being taken out from burning, so that if for any time it be put into the Fire, it is turned into a stone, and this is that stone which is called Pyrophylus, from the fire. It hath a wonderful vertue against poison, and it makes him that carries it, to be renowned and dreadful to his enemies.

But above all, that stone is most Solary, which Apollonius is reported to have found, and which is called Pantaura, which draws other stones to it, as the Loadstone doth Iron, most powerful against all poisons; it is called by some Pantherus, because it is spotted like the beast called the Panther. It is therefore also called Pantochras, because it contains all colours.

Aaron calls it Evanthum. There are also other Solary stones, as the Topazius, Chrysopassus, the Rubine, and Balagius. So also is Auripigmentum, and things of a golden colour, and very lucid. Amongst plants also and trees, those are Solary, which turn towards the Sun, as the marigold, and those which fold in their leaves when the Sun is nearer upon setting, but when it riseth unfold their leaves by little and little. The Lote-tree also is Solary, as is manifest by the figure of the fruit & leaves. So also peony, Sallendine, Balme, Ginger, Gentian, Dittany, and vervain, which is of use in prophesying, and expiations, as also driving away evil spirits.

The Baytree also is consecrated to Phoebus, so is the Cedar, the Palm tree, the ash, the ivy, and Vine, and whatsoever repel poisons, and lightnings, and those things which never fear the extremities of the Winter. Salary also are Mint, Mastick, Zedoary, Saffron, balsam, Amber, Musk, Yellow honey, Lignum aloes, Cloves, Cinnamon, Calamus, Aromaticus, Pepper,
Frankincense, sweet Marjoram, also Libanotis, which Orpheus cals the sweet perfume of the Sun.

Amongst Animals those are Solar which are magnanimous, courageous, ambitious of victory, and renown: as the lion, King of beasts, the Crocodile, the spotted Wolf, the Ram, the Boar, the Bull, King of the herd, which was by the Egyptians at Heliopolis dedicated to the Sun, which they called Verites; and an Ox was consecrated to Apis in Memphis, and in Hemianthus a Bull by the name of Pathos.

The Wolf also was consecrated to Apollo, and Latona. Also the beast called Baboon is Solary, which is twelve times in a day. every hour barks, and in time the equinox urinates twelve times every hour: the same also it doth in the night, whence the Egyptians did Engrave him upon their Fountains.

Also amongst birds these are Solary, The Phoenix, being but one of that kind, and the Eagle, the Queen of birds, also the Vulture, the
Swan, and those which sing at the rising Sun, and as it were call upon it to rise, as the Cock, Crow, also the Hawk, which because it in the Divinity of the Egyptians is an emblem of the spirit, and light, is by Porphyry reckoned amongst the Solary birds.

Moreover, all such things as have some resemblance of the works of the Sun, as Worms shining in the night, and the beetle, which is a creature that lies under Cow-dung, also according to Appeal interpretation, such whose eyes are changed according to the course of the Sun, are accounted Salary, and those things which come of them. And amongst fish, the Sea Calf is chiefly Solary, who doth resist lightning, also shellfish, and the fish called Pulmo, both which shine in the night, and the fish called Stella starfish for his parching heat, and the fish called Strombi, strombite or sea-snail, that follow their King, and Margari oyster, which also have a King, and being dried, are hardened into a stone of a golden colour.

These things are Lunary, amongst the Elements. the Earth, then the Water, as well that of the Sea, as of the Rivers, and all moist things, as the moisture of Trees, and Animals, especially they which are White, as the Whites of Eggs, fat, sweat, phlegm, and the superfluities of bodies.

Amongst tastes, salt, and insipid; amongst Metals, Silver; amongst stones, Crystal, the Silver Marcasite, and all those stones that are White, and Green. Also the stone Selenites, Lunary, shining from a white body, with a yellow brightness, imitating the motion of the Moon, having in it the figure of the Moon which daily increaseth, or decreased as doth the Moon.

Also Pearls, which are generated in shells of fishes from the droppings of Water, also the beryl. Amongst Plants and Trees, these are Lunary, as the Selenotropion, which turns towards the Moon, as doth the Heliotropium towards the Sun, and the Palme tree sends forth a bough at every rising of the Moon; Hyssop also, and Rosemary, Agnus Castu, and the Olive-tree, are Lunary.

Also the herb Chinosta, which increaseth, and decreased with the Moon, in substance, and number of leaves, not only in Sap, and virtue, which indeed is in some sort common to all Plants, except Onions, which are under the influence of Mars, which have contrary properties; As amongst flying things the Saturnine bird, called a Quaile is a great enemy to the Moon and Sun.

Lunar Animals are such as delight to be in mans company, and such as do naturally excell in love, or hatred, as all kinds of Dogs: The Chameleon also is Lunary, which always assumes a colour
according to the variety of the colour of the object: as the Moon changeth her nature according to the variety of the Signe which it is found in. Lunary also are Swine, Hinds, Goats, and all
Animals whatsoever, that observe, and imitate the motion of the Moon: As the Baboon, and Panther, which is said to have a spot upon her shoulder like the Moon, increasing into a roundness, and having horns that bend inwards.

Cats also are Lunary, whose eyes become greater or less, according to the course of the Moon: and those things which are of like nature, as Menstruous blood, of which are made wonderful and strange things by Magicians; The Civet-Cat also changing her sex, being obnoxious to divers Sorceries, and all Animals that live in water as well as on land: as Otters, and such as prey upon fish.

Also all Monstrous beasts, such as without any manifest seed are equivocally generated, as Mice, which sometimes are generated by Coition, sometimes of the putrefaction of the Earth. Amongst fowle, Geese, Ducks, Didoppers, and all kind of watery foul as prey upon fish, as the Heron, and those that are equivocally produced, as Wasps of the carcasses of horses: Bees of the putrefaction of Cows, small Flies of putrefied wine, and beetles of the flesh of Asses; but most Lunary of all is the two-horned beetle, horned after the manner of a Bul: which digs under Cow-dung, and there remains for the space of twenty eight daies, in which time the Moon measures the whole
Zodiac, and in the twenty ninth day, when it thinks there will be a conjunction of their brightness, it opens the dung and casts it into Water, from whence then come beetles.

Amongst fish these are Lunary, ∆lurus, whose eyes are changed according to the course of the Moon, and whatsoever observes the motion of the Moon, as the Tortoise, the Echeneis, Crabs, oysters, Cockles, and Frogs.

Saturnine things, amongst Elements, are Earth, and also Water: amongst humors, black choler that is moist, as well natural, as adventitious, adjust choler excepted. Amongst tastes, soure, tart, and dead. Amongst Metals, Lead, and Gold, by reason of its weight, and the golden Marcasite.

Amongst stones, the onyx, the Ziazaa, the Camonius, the sapphire, the brown Jasper, the Chalcedon, the Loadstone, and all dark, weighty, earthy things. Amongst Plants, and Trees the Daffodil, dragon's wort, Rue, cumin, Hellebore, the tree from whence Benzoin comes, Mandrake, Opium, and those things which stupify, and those things which are never sown, and never bear fruit, and those which bring forth berries of a dark colour, and black fruit, as the black Fig-tree, the Pine-tree, the Cypress-tree, and a certain tree used at burials, which never springs afresh with berries, rough, of a bitter taste, of a strong smell, of a black shadow, yielding a most sharp pitch, bearing a most unprofitable fruit, never dies with age, deadly, dedicated to Pluto, as is the herb pas-flower, with which they were wont Anciently to strow the graves before they put the dead bodies into them, wherefore it was lawful to make their Garlands at feasts with all herbs, and Flowers besides pas-flowers, because it was mournful, and not conducing to mirth. Also all creeping Animals, living apart, and solitary, nightly, sad,
contemplative, dull, covetous, fearful, melancholy, that take much pains, slow, that feed grossly, and such as eat their young.

Of these kinds therefore are the Ape, the Cat, the Hog, the Mule, the Camel, the Bear, the Mole, the Asses, the Wolf, the Hare, the Dragon, the Basilisk, the Toad, all Serpents, and creeping things, Scorpions, Pismires ants, and such things as proceed from putrefaction in the Earth, in Water, or in the ruins of houses, as Mice, and many sorts of
Vermin. Amongst birds are Saturnine, which have long necks, and harsh voices, as Cranes, ostriches, and Peacocks, which are dedicated to Saturn, and Juno. Also the screech-owl, the horned-owl, the Bat, the Lapwing, the Crow, the Quaile, which is the most envious bird of all.

Amongst fishes, the Eel, living apart from all other fish; the Lamprey, the Dog-fish, which devours her young, also the Tortoise, oysters, Cockles, to which may be added sea-sponges, and all such things as come of them.

Things under Jupiter, amongst Elements, are the Aire: amongst humors, blood, and the spirit of life, also all things which respect the increase, nourishment, and vegetation of life. Amongst
tastes such as are sweet, and pleasant. Amongst Metals, Tin, Silver, and Gold, by reason of their temperateness: Amongst stones, the Hyacinth, beryl, sapphire, the emerald, green Jasper, and airy colours: Amongst Plants and Trees, Sea-green, Garden Basil, Bugloss, Mace, Spike, Mints, Mastick, Elecampane, the Violet, Darnell, Henbane, the Poplar tree, and those which are called lucky trees, as the oak, the tree horse-chestnut which is like an oak but much bigger, the
Holm tree, the Beech tree, the hazel tree, the Service tree, the white Fig tree, the Pear tree, the Apple tree, the Vine, the Plum tree, the Ash, the Dog-tree, and the Olive tree, and also Oile. Also all manner of Corn, as Barley, Wheat, also Raisins, licorice, Sugar, and all such things whose sweetness is manifest, and subtitle, partaking somewhat of an astringent, and sharp taste, as are Nuts, Almonds, pineapples, filberts, pistachios, roots of Peony, Mirabolaus, Rhubarb, and Manna, Orpheus adds Storax.

Amongst Animals such as have some stateliness, and wisdom in them, and those which are mild, well trained up, and of good dispositions, as the Hart and Elephant, and those which are gentle, as Sheep and Lambs: Amongst birds, those that are of a temperate complexion, as Hens, together with the Yolk of their Eggs. Also the Partridge, the Pheasant, the Swallow, the pelican, the cuckoo, the Stork, birds given to a kind of devotion which are Emblemes of gratitude. The Eagle is dedicated to Jupiter, she is the Ensigns of Emperors, and an Emblem of Justice, and Clemency. Amongst fish, the Dolphin, the fish called anchovy, the Sheath fish, by reason of his devoutness.

These things are under Venus, amongst Elements, Aire, and Water; amongst humours, Phlegm, with Blood, Spirit, and Seed; amongst tastes, those which are sweet, unctuous, and delectable;
amongst Metals, Silver, and Brass, both yellow, and red; amongst Stones, the beryl, Chrysolite, Emerald, sapphire, green Jasper, carnelian, the stone Aetites, the lazuli stone, Corall, and all of a fair, various, white, and green Colour; amongst Plants and Trees the vervain, Violet, Maidenhair, Valerian, which by the Arabian is called Phu; also Thyme, the gum Ladanum, ambergris, Musk, sandalwood, Coriander, and all sweet perfumes, and delightful, and sweet
fruits, as sweet Pears, Figs, Pomegranate, which the Poets say was, in Cyprus, first sown by Venus. Also the Rose of Lucifer was dedicated to her, also the Myrtle tree of Hesperus.

Moreover all luxurious, delicious Animals, and of a strong love, as Dogs, Conies, stinking Sheep, and Goats, both female, and male, which generates sooner than any other Animal, for they say that he couples after the seventh day of his being brought forth; also the Bul for his disdain, and the Calf for his wantonness. Amongst birds the Swan, the Wagtail, the Swallow, the Pelican, the Burgander, which are very loving to their young. Also the Crow, and Pigeon, which is dedicated to Venus, and the turtledove, one whereof was Commanded to be offered at the purification, after bringing forth.

The Sparrow also was dedicated to Venus, which was Commanded in the Law to be used in the purification, after the Leprosy, a martial disease, then which nothing was of more force to resist it. Also the Egyptians called the Eagle Venus, because she is prone to Venery, for after she hath been trod thirteen times a day, if the Male calls her, she runs to him again. Amongst fishes, these are Venereal, the lustful Pilchards, the lecherous Gilthead, the Whiting for her love to her young, Crab fighting for his Mate, and Tithymalus for its fragrance, and sweet smell.

Things under Mercury are these; amongst Elements, Water, although it moves all things indistinctly; amongst humors, those especially which are mixed, as also the Animal spirit; amongst tastes those that are various, strange, and mixed: amongst Metals, Quick-silver, Tin, the Silver Marcasite; amongst stones, the Emerald, agates, red Marble, Topaze, and those which are of divers colours, and various figures naturally, and those that are artificially, as glass, and those which have a colour mixed with yellow, and green. Amongst Plants, and Trees, the Hazle, Five-leaved-grass, the Herb Mercury, Fumitory, Pimpernel, Marjoram, Parsley, and such as have shorter and less leaves, being compounded of mixed natures, and divers colours.

Animals also, that are of quick sence, ingenious, strong, inconstant, swift, and such as become easily acquainted with men, as Dogs, Apes, Foxes, Weesels, the Hart, and Mule; and all Animals that are of both sexes, and those which can change their Sex, as the Hare, Civet-Cat, and such like. Amongst birds, those which are naturally witty, melodious, and inconstant, as the Linet, Nightingale, Blackbird, Thrush, Lark, the Gnatsapper, the bird Calandra, the Parrot Pie, the Bird Ibis, the bird Porphyrio, the black Beetle with one horn.

And amongst fish, the fish called Trochus, which goes into himself, also Pourcontrell for deceitfulness, and changeableness, and the Fork fish for its industry; the Mulet also that shakes off the bait on the hook with his tail.

Moreover whatsoever is found in the whole world is made according to the governments of the Planets, and accordingly receives its virtue. So in Fire the enlivening light thereof is under the government of the Sun, the heat of it under Mars, in the Earth, the various superficies thereof
under the Moon, and Mercury; and the starry Heaven, the whole mass of it under Saturne, but in the middle Elements, Aire is under Jupiter, and Water the Moon, but being mixed are under Mercury, and Venus. In like manner natural active causes observe the Sun, the matter the
Moon, the fruitfulness of active causes Jupiter, the fruitfulness of the matter, Venus, the sudden effecting of any thing, Mars, and Mercury, that for his vehemency, this for his dexterity, and manifold vertue: But the permanent continuation of all things is ascribed to Saturnbabylon,lydia,syria,iraq,iran,ptoe.

Also amongst Vegetables, everything that bears fruit is from Jupiter, and every thing that bears Flowers is from Venus, all Seed, and Bark is from Mercury, and all roots from Saturne, and all Wood from Mars, and leaves from the Moon. Wherefore, all that bring forth fruit, and not Flowers, are of Saturn and Jupiter, but they that bring forth Flowers, and Seed, and not fruit, are of Venus, and Mercury; These which are brought forth of their own accord without Seed, are of
the Moon, and Saturn; All beauty is from Venus, all strength from Mars, and every Planet rules, and disposeth that which is like to it. Also in stones, their weight, Clamminess, and Sliptickness
is of Saturne, their use, and temperament of Jupiter, their hardness from Mars, their life from the Sun, their beauty and fairness from Venus, their occult vertue from Mercury, and their common use from the Moon.

Moreover the whole Orb of the Earth is distributed by Kingdoms, and Provinces to the Planets, and Signs: For Macedonia, Thracia, Illyria, Arriana, Gordiana, many of which countries are in the lesser Asia are under Saturne with Capricorn; but with Aquarius, under him are the Sauromatian Country, Oxiana, Sogdiana, Arabia, Phazania, Media and
Ethiopia, which Countries for the most part belong to the more inward Asia. Under Jupiter with Sagittarius are Tuscana, Celtica, Spain, and happy Arabi a: under him with Pisces, are Lycia, Lydia, Cilicia, Pamphylia, Paphlagonia, Nasamonia, and Libya. Mars with Aries governs Britany, France, Germany, Bastarnia, the lower parts of Syria, Idumea, and Judea: with Scorpio, he rules Syria, Comagena, Cappadocia, Metagonium, Mauritania, and Getulia.

The Sun with Leo governs Italy, Apulia, Sicilia, Phenicia, Chaldea, & the Orchenians. Venus with Taurus governs the Isles Cyclades, the Seas of little Asia, Cyprus, Parthia, Media, Persia: but with Libra she commands the people of the Island Bractia, of Caspia, of Seres, of Thebes, of Oasis, and of Troglodytes. Mercury with Gemini, rules Hircania, Armenia, Mantiana, Cyrenaica, Marmarica, and the lower Egypt: but with Virgo, Greece, Achaia, Creta, Babylon, Mesopotamia, Assyria, and Ela, whence they of that place are in Scripture called Elamites. The Moon with Cancer governs Bithynia, Phrygia, Colchica, Numidia, Africa, Carthage, and all Carchedonia.

These we have in this manner gathered from Ptolemy's opinion, to which according to the writings of other Astrologers many more may be added. But he which knows how to compare these divisions of Provinces according to the divisions of the Stars, with the Ministry of the ruling Intelligences, and blessings of the Tribes of Israel, the lots of the Apostles, and typical sales of the sacred Scripture, shall be able to obtain great and prophetic oracles concerning every Region, of things to come. The like consideration is to be had in all things concerning the figures of the fixed Stars: so they will have the terrestrial Ram to be under the rule of the Celestial Aries: and the
Terrestrial Bul, and Ox to be under the Celestial Taurus. So also that Cancer should rule over Crabs, and Leo over lions: Virgo over Virgins, and Scorpio over Scorpions. Capricorn over Goats.

Sagittarius over Horses, and Pisces over Fishes. Also the Celestial Ursa over Bears, Hydra over Serpents, and the Dog-star over Dogs, and so of the rest. Now Apuleius distributes certain and peculiar herbs to the Signes, and Planets. To Aries the herb sage, to Taurus vervain that grows straight, to Gemini vervain that grows bending, to Cancer Comfrey, to Leo Sowbread, to Virgo Calamint, to Libra Mug-wort, to Scorpio Scorpion-grass, to Sagittarius Pimpernel, to Capricorn the Dock, to Aquarius dragon's-wort, to Pisces Hart-wort.

And to the Planets these, to Saturne Sengreen, to Jupiter Agrimony, to Mars Sulphur-wort, to the Sun marigold, to Venus Wound-wort, to Mercury Mulein, to the Moon, Peony. But Hermes, whom Albertus follows, distributes to the Planets these, viz. to Saturne the Daffodil, to Jupiter Henbane, to Mars Rib-wort, to the Sun Knotgrass, to Venus vervain, to Mercury Cinquefoil, to the Moon, Good-foot.

We also know by experience that Asparagus is under Aries, and Garden-basil under Scorpio; For of the shavings of Ramshorn sowed, comes forth Asparagus, and Garden Basil rubbed between two stones, produceth Scorpions. Moreover I will according to the doctrine of Hermes, and Thebit reckon up some of the more eminent Stars, whereof the first is called the head of Algol, and amongst stones, rules over the Diamond, amongst Plants, black Hellebore, and Mugwort. The second are the Pleiades, or seven Stars, which amongst stones, rule over Crystal, and the stone Diplodocus; amongst Plants, the herb Diacedon, and Frankincense, and fennel: and amongst Metals, quicksilver.

The third is the Star Aldebaran, which hath under it, amongst stones, the Carbuncle, and Ruby: amongst Plants, the Milky Thistle, and Matry-silva. The fourth is called the GoatStar, which rules, amongst stones, the sapphire, amongst Plants, Horehound, Mint, Mugwort, and Mandrake. The fifth is called the great Dog-star, which amongst stones, rules over the beryl: amongst Plants, Savin, Mugwort and Dragonwort: and amongst Animals the tongue of a Snake. The sixth is called the lesser Dog-star, and, amongst stones, rules over agates: amongst Plants the Flowers of Marigold, and pennyroyal. The seventh is called the Heart of the Lyon, which amongst stones, rules over the
Granate; amongst Plants, Sallendine, Mugwort, and Mastick. The eighth is the Tail of the lesser Bear, which amongst stones, rules over the Loadstone, amongst herbs, Succory, whose leaves, and Flowers turn towards the North, also Mugwort, and the flowers of periwinkle; and amongst Animals the tooth of a Wolf.

The ninth is called the Wing of the Crow, under which, amongst stones, are such stones as are of the Colour of the black Onyx stone: amongst Plants the Bur, Quadraginus, Henbane, and Comfrey; and amongst Animals the tongue of a Frog. The tenth is called Spica, which hath under it, amongst stones, the emerald: amongst Plants, Sage, Trifoile, Periwinkle, Mugwort, and Mandrake.

The eleventh is called Alchamech, which amongst stones, rules over the Jasper: amongst Plants the Plantain. The twelfth is called Elpheia, under this, amongst stones, is the Topaz; amongst Plants, Rosemary, Trifoile, and Ivy. The thirteenth is called the Heart of the Scorpion, under which, amongst stones, is the Sardonius, and amethyst;
amongst Plants long Aristolochia, and Saffron.

The fourteenth is the Falling Vultur, under which, amongst stones, is the Chrysolite: amongst Plants Succory, and Fumitory. The fifteenth is the Tale of Capricorn under which, amongst stones, is the Chalcedony amongst Plants, Marjoram, Mugwort, and catnip, and the root of Mandrake. Moreover this we must know, that every stone, or Plant, or Animal, or any other thing, is not governed by one Star alone, but many of them receive influence, not separated, but conjoined, from many Stars. So amongst stones, the Chalcedony is under Saturne, and Mercury, together with the Tail of Scorpion, and Capricorn.

The sapphire under Jupiter, Saturne, and the Star Alhadath; Tutia is under Jupiter, and the Sun and Moon, the Emerald under Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury, and the Star Spica. The Amethyst, as saith Hermes, is under Mars, Jupiter, and the Heart of the Scorpion. The Jasper, which is of divers kinds is under Mars, Jupiter, and the Star Alchamech, the Chrysolite is under the Sun, Venus, and Mercury, as also under the Star which is called the falling Vultur; the Topaze under the Sun, and the Star Elphia: the Diamond under Mars, and the Head of Algol.

In like manner amongst Vegetables, the Herb Dragon is under Saturne, and the Celestial Dragon, Mastick, and Mints, are under Jupiter, and the Sun; but Mastick is also under the Heart of the Lyon, and Mint under the Goat star: Hellebore is dedicated to Mars, and the Head of Algol, Mosse, and Sanders, to the Sun, and Venus: Coriander to Venus, and Saturne. Amongst Animals, the Sea Calf is under the Sun, and Jupiter; The Fox, and Ape under Saturne, and Mercury: and Domesticall Dogs under Mercury, and the Moon. And thus we have shewed more things in these inferiours by their superiors.

For the Moon we make a suffumigation of the head of a Frog dried the eyes of a Bul, the seed of white Poppy, Frankincense, and Camphor, which must be incorporated with Menstrual blood, or the blood of a Goose.

For Saturne take the seed of black Poppy, of Henbane, root of Mandrake, the lodestone, and Myrrh, and make them up with the brain of a Cat, or the blood of a Bat.

For Jupiter take the seed of Ash, Lignum-aloes, Storax, the gum benzoin, the lazuli stone, the tops of the feathers of a Peacock, and incorporate them with the blood of a Stork, or a Swallow, or the brain of a Heart.

For Mars take Euphorbium, Bdellium, gum Ammoniac, the roots of both hellebores, the Lodestone, and a little Sulphur, and incorporate them all with the brain of a Hart, the blood of a Man, and the blood of a black Cat.

For Venus take Musk, ambergris, Lignum-aloes, red Roses, and red Coral, and make them up with the brain of Sparrows, and the blood of Pigeons.

For Mercury take Mastick, Frankincense, Cloves, and the herb Cinquefoil, and the stone
Achates, and incorporate them all with the brain of a Fox, or Weasel, and the blood of a magpie.

Besides, to Saturn are appropriated for fumes all odoriferous roots, as Pepper-wort root, and the Frankincense tree: to Jupiter odoriferous fruits, as Nutmegs, Cloves: to Mars all odoriferous wood, as sandalwood, Cypress, lignum balsam, and Lignum-aloes: to the Sun, all Gums, Frankincense, Mastick, Benjamin, Storax, labdanum, Cistus, ambergris, and Musk; to Venus Flowers, as Roses, Violets, Saffron, and such like: to Mercury all peels of Wood and fruit, as Cinnamon, Lignum Cassia, Mace, lemon peel, and Bayberries, and whatsoever seeds are odoriferous; to the Moon the leaves of all Vegetables, as the leaf Indum, the leaves of the Myrtle, and Bay-tree. Know also, that according to the opinion of the Magicians, in every good matter, as love, good will, and the like, there must be a good fume, odoriferous, and precious; and in every evil matter, as hatred, anger, misery, and the like, there must be a stinking fume, that is of no worth.

The twelve Signs also of the Zodiac have their proper fumes, as Aries hath Myrrh, Taurus, Pepper-wort, Gemini, Mastick; Cancer, Camphor, Leo, Frankincense, Virgo, sandalwood, Libra, Galbanum, Scorpio, Opoponax, Sagittarius, Lignum-aloes, Capricornus, benzoin, Aquarius, Euphorbium, Pisces, red Storax. But Hermes describes the most powerful fume to be. that which is compounded of the seven Aromatics, according to the powers of the seven Planets, for it receives from Saturne, Pepper-wort, from Jupiter, Nutmeg, from Mars, Lignum-aloes, from the Sun, Mastick, from Venus Saffron, from Mercury, Cinnamon, and from the Moon, the Myrtle.

For all colours, black, lucid, earthy, leaden, brown, have relation to Saturne. Sapphire, and airy colours, and those which are always green, clear, purple, darkish, golden, mixed with Silver, belong to Jupiter. Red colours, and burning, fiery, flaming, violet, purple, bloody, and iron colours, resemble Mars. Golden, Saffron, purple, and bright colours, resemble the Sun. But all white, fair, curious, green, ruddy, between saffron, and purple, resemble Venus, Mercury, and the Moon. Moreover amongst the houses of the heaven signs of the zodiac, the first and seventh hath white colour: the second, and twelfth green: the third, and eleventh saffron: the fourth, and the tenth red: the fifth, and ninth honey colour: the sixt, and eighth, black.

The Elements also have their colours, by which Natural Philosophers judge of the complexion and property of their nature; For an earthy colour, causes of coldness, and dryness is brown, and black, and manifests black Choller, and a Saturnine nature; the blue tending towards whiteness, doth denote flegme: for cold makes white, moisture and dryness makes black: reddish colour shews blood, but fiery, flaming, burning hot, shew choller, which by reason of its subtilty, and aptness to mix with others, doth cause divers colours more: for if it be mixed with blood, and blood be most predominant, it makes a florid red; if choller predominate, it makes a radish
colour; if there be an equal mixtion, it makes a sad red.

But if adust choller be mixed with blood, it makes a Hempen colour, and red, if blood predominate, and somewhat red if choller prevail; but if it be mixed with a melancholy humour, it makes a black colour, but with melancholy, and flegme together, in an equal proportion, it makes a Hempen colour: If flegme abound, a mud colour, if melancholy, a bluish; but if it be mixed with flegme alone, in an equal proportion, it makes a citrine colour; if unequally, a pale, or palish. Now all colours are more prevalent, when they are in silk, or in metals, or in perspicuous substances, or precious stones; and in those things which resemble Celestial bodies in colour, especially in living things.

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