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    We're starting to add pictures into the pictures group in februari.

    Social Bookmarking / Sharing is now enabled for most common platforms.

    Several handy bbcodes are added to the website like;
    inline frames, strike through, wikipedia, marquee, shadow text, opacity, mediaplayer.
    These options are for sitewide usage

    Like buttons added to the system sitewide
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    JOIN US it's FREE
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    we added downloads!

    Evilonline.nl is offering free

    • ebooks
    • fonts

    in time we will add more goodies to download from our repository
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    Welcome to the lair
    of www.evilonline.nl.
    Please join us.

This website's goal is to inform and gather information on the subject satanism. Anyone who feels related or might be interested is invited to join this website.