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  1. De terugkeer van de Mahdi

  2. Satanic Rites and Exercises

  3. Rite to Become a Satanist

  4. Azazel-Pan - Devil God of the Witches

  5. The Al Jilwah - Black Book of Satan

  6. Yezidi Devil Worshippers of Iraq

  7. The DNA Creation of Humanity

  8. Name of Satan

  9. Demons Classified by Month

    Each demon is more powerful during a certain month.

    January: Belial:
    Demon of ungodly ...
  10. Samael

  11. Where did sin begin or originate?

  12. Who is Satan?

  13. Adam en Lillith

  14. Satanic witches

    There is only one reason why you are holding on to satanism, yes, you are holding on to satanism because ...
  15. An Universal Satanist

    An universal satanist is an open minded person who subscribes to all satanic knowledge from different ...
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